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Horror Prompts for Writing

A Prompt Community

Horror Prompts
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Welcome to horrorprompts

What are we?
Quite simply horrorprompts is a low pressure writing community where a prompt will be posted weekly. The prompt will be typically be something within the horror genre. The prompt can be a single word, a picture, a song, etc.

Who can participate?
Anyone. Whether you're writing in fandom or original or even for a muse journal, everyone's welcomed to take a prompt and write it. If you want to write multiple stories based on one prompt, that's okay too.

What's not allowed?
Promotion of other communities, spam posts, posts not related to writing.

How do I post?
When posting please follow these guidelines/rules:
1) You must include a subject. Your subject line should include: the prompt #, your fandom, and a title. For example: Prompt #1, Fandom: Title.

2) When posting, please use the following header:

You can include additional info but please don't exclude info in the header.

3) Please use a lj-cut if posting your story to the community, regardless of length. If linking back to your journal/community, please ensure that you're linking back to an unlocked journal/community.

If you decide not to post to the community, a link back to the community so others can find us would be appreciated.

If you need to contact a mod, please do so at this post

We can be found at IJ & DW. Members are free to post at all three communities should they want to.

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